About That Painter You Know

littleton painter

Frank Tebay Jr (owner/ operator) has been painting in the Denver metro area for almost five years independently as well as with Meridian Paint Professionals. He opened That Painter You Know, LLC in fall, 2017.

A jack of trades by nature and visual artist / educator for 30 years, he works to produce excellence in every project and strives to continually educate himself on products and techniques to make every project outstanding.

Frank began as an artist/ceramist at a young age and excelled to a professional level early. Before graduating public school, he became a business owner and educator, received numerous scholarships and awards, and began studying with a modern master in 16th century masterpieces.

By college, he began freelancing in graphic design and sign making, painting anything requested including murals and racecars. During these years he also acquired skills in numerous trades such as carpentry, millwrighting, finishing work and house painting.

In the last five years, Frank has trained with and painted for Meridian Paint Professionals and expanded his knowledge base and skills in painting, texturing, stains, and lacquer.

Artistry combined with home service repair has given him a sharp eye for detail and a dedication to providing a desirable experience and product.

“House painting is a combination of art and science. Finding balance in aesthetics and structural integrity ensures the home will look and last as long as possible.”