Our Process

All good painters have a process for how they do their work. Often this is where the bulk of work occurs before the fun part of the painting.

Here is what I do on exterior paint projects:

We mask off windows, bricks, door, and more

  • Power wash the entire home to remove dirt and cobwebs
  • Scrape away any loose paint or peeling paint
  • Do any light carpentry to make sure soffits, facia and trim is secure
  • Pound in nails that may have loosened
  • Use wood putty on large holes
  • Expanding foam in cracks too large for caulk and then cover with caulk after cutting off with a knife
  • Caulk around windows, door and exposed seems
  • Sand and prime chipped or peeled areas
  • Mask off windows, doors, brick to keep off overspray
  • Caulk nail holes where nails have sunk into the siding.
  • Do a thorough walk-thru with customer before applying paint